my room, my DIY since 2008

here i total up my DIY stuff and my room since 2008 til now..

but my room decorate already change abit^^

my collection also increase..hehe

but almost the same..

later on take the latest pic n post up here^^

this shoes already become red colour><"

this shirt....=.=haha

this ceramic i already finish make up

just the painting work haven finish yet><

this note book is on my desk now..

hehe...my lappy~~

my collection..as i said it increase now!!haha..

my collection again~~~

this poster frame i make myself,

its hanging on my room's wall now

just like tat

ntg changing for it

this TVXQ m'sia news notice board

also ntg change to it

hah...my study desk!!

it's no longer like tat

as u seen the number part

i covered it with 'T' poster!!


and on the wall i hav paste 'o' concert poster

with a black colour notice board

kaka..can't imagine?

later take pic...

this box,

i specially make to put my concert ticket!!!


another poster frame

its make by boxes...

i cut n paste cut n paste...

this ceramic ,

already finish painting n fire

haha its finish now

but i haven take a complete pic for it

still in my working ceramic center^^"

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