my first K-GENERATION event - practice in Flashmob!

my First club in Taylor's University college!
this is our first pre-launching event for the club...
it will be held on tuesday 12-2pm @ Taylor's lakeside campus!
please come and join us and give your support to us!
our first dancing practice in TBS SUBANG JAYA!
even though it just few of us,
but we saw the spirit and motivation!
thinking of give up at the middle of the road.
but at last, thanks to my team mates
they motivate me..
without anyone from outside who helping us,
we come and do it ourself!
no matter how many people are going to join
we don't care about the numbers now
we care about the result
our ojective is to spread the k-wave all around Taylor's
we are creating a platform for everyone in Taylor's who love k-wave to share and make friends
we are going to burst this kpop virus out in Taylor's shortly!
lets take a close and no so close look for the practise pictures!
well... forgive us where it performance might not be good and perfect, due to we are not dancers, and not even dance before. We are 89 s so are we consider too old to dance?
haha.. who cares! the thing is, i want the k-wave virus spread in Taylor's
This is what i want to do at the end of the day!

The end for only 2 days practise!

are we good enough?!!

pray for us on tuesday flashmob!!!!!


♥ Rosy. Babe ♥ said...

hmm.. let me guess what song you dancing in the pic? hehehe..
Abracadabra- BEG
Change-XuanYa (4 minute)
If i guess wrong, let me know the answer please. hehehhe

Angelyna Chai said...

u are right for a few songs! abracadabra, nobody, oh, gee, sorry sorry, wedding dress, cabi song, lucifer.!!!