02102009 Shang Hai Mirotic concert

credit: logo in the pic

even the bridge was full with banner


Fan selling each member's goods!! i like the goods and the booth

The fans setting up the banner and the booth 1 day before concert
they even have staff for each forum to stay over night to make sure the booth and everything is in good condition
During the concert, fans are using " 믿어요 " white cloth with black words
each of the fans holding it..
the whole stadium is full with red grow stick and " 믿어요 "
" 믿어요 " means i believe
is touching, the boys are cried during this concert
this is the first time after the lawsuit case spreat out
5 of them stand in a stage
with overseas fans..
im sure they are touch, and again, they know foreign fans, cassiopeia are always there
they can confirm that , the cassiopeia still supporting them~
*Always Keep The Faith*
this is the only thing i can say
i don't dare to watch videos, and news, but
I would like to see the interaction between 5 of them..

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