Take CF in Malaysia

well im sad because today only i figure out this vedio
these is the 1st time TVXQ come to Malaysia after their debut in korea
if not mistaken this is held at the end of the year 2004
they having a commercial film filming in Malaysia
it is a korean high school's uniform commercial film!!!
take a look at those places that they film this!!
is the places that i familiar with it!!
especially jaejoong part!!!!
the rail way station (ktm)is KL station!!!
i drop by there everyday!!!!
my god!!! why am i not there at the moment?
telling the truth im sad!!!!!!
just now when i come back home...
i keep looking at the station~~~~


비비안 said...

my dear dong saeng,

yes.. that one is their first time come to malaysia....

isn't it happy to see the clip again??

hahaha... you might not know them that time if you bump into them...

if now.. i think you definately won't give a damn chance to miss the part.... hahahahhahah

비비안 said...

oh yes... yuri was there... see the video did snap shot on her... she mention kpopkingdom rules!!!