feel missing 5 of them haha^^

im still after assingmnets mood now
no motivation to let me start revisioning the entire sem subject
yeah, like my mom said, this is my job
no excuse to run out of this..

i miss TVXQ!
long time din check their news like crazy
wonder , how they doing???
i jus check in baidu

a few post is yesterday..jaejoong oppa...junsu oppa, yoochun oppaeating in a restaurentbut y winter jaejoong oppa still wearing singlet?
i saw the car they use it in coming up mv shooting!!
is !!!!
we are guessing the entire versions of albums
are coming out soon~~~

i miss 5 of them
don know y
no reasons
jus wanna see them
this year
i don't think we have chance to see them in malaysia
whole malaysia cassiopeia sad!!!!!!
why !!!!!!!!
28th nov they will be going to thailand having the last stop of SM TOWN concert 2008
why why why..
although i know wats the reason
but still
i want to ask why not come to malaysia
every thing is possible...
if someone work for it
isn't right????

but 1 person power is not enough...
well...wat can we do?
nothing but waiting"?
sit down here and wait only

they are so far from us.....
is too far....

haiz haiz and haiz......
nothing else....

please bring TVXQ here!

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