exam coming
alone life coming
the horrible story coming
what else is coming?
devil:"TVXQ is coming"
me:" no no no!!!! everything is coming ,but TVXQ are not coming!!"

angel:" both of You shout up!!!!....im coming!!!"
me:" PIA ~~飞~~~fly...."
well ignore what im saying above
as u see... im already in a crazy situation...
oh no!!! what can i do for rescue myself

time pass really fast...without telling us...
last year..
im at china now ...having sem break
waiting 23th nov 2007 come
because come back to Malaysia alone
1 thing is 26th start new sem
next is because 24th TVXQ CONCERT
but this year
nothing waiting for me

yea i will be alone start from 15th ....
3 years continue like this...
use to it already
but.. still
will feel lonely some times...
and this time...having final exam

do you know what i feel...
feeling 'blank'
opso.....at all

exam coming but..
no study mood
just feeling want to run out of here as fast as possible
don't want to stay here any more
tooooooo stress and tooo many thing have to care of

but at last
Angelyna!!!! wake up!!!!!
start study now!!!!!
jaejoong:" girl ,study hard!! fighting!"
me:" hehe ^^ jaejoong oppa... thanks alots!!"
yunho:" hey girl , fighting on ur study, we are always beside you!"
me:"T.T......thank you!!! yunho oppa!! i will remember it"
---above is yunjae&me conversation-----

changmin:" ya!! faster go study!! don't chat here!!"
me:" ah!! changmin oppa!! come and teach me!!!"
yoochun:" angel, do ur best! don't give up"
me:" 55...so touch... yoochun oppa i won't give up without ur permission!"
junsu:" ya! angel, go study now, later teach u how to play football~~*^^*"
me:" hehe^^... junsu oppa... i will go now.. but i don't want to learn that..i will be ur cheerleader!"
----above conversation, u can ignore----

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