Singapore ZUNO SHOWCASE trip!

travel on 30th April
arrive on 1st may 2010
vanue arrive Lavender Singapore

before departure

arrival time in Singapore

MRT station to Hotel

Swiss Standfort Hotel -Singapore
room 5167

dress up nicely
meet Singapore fans

before depart to Sentosa, world resort convention center

inside convention center

Showcase vanue
before the showcase start

Showcase begin

after showcase, back to hotel

After all..
thanks to MR BEAR.
have a nice breakfast, section with him and him~
on the way back to Malaysia on 2nd May
my ticket
and my sign album~


akiosu said...

wahaha 一圖勝千言!!!
you both look nice there =)
had precious moment in Singapore yay! haha!

miss you!!!!!!!!! fighting!

cassiopeia said...

这样就很有意义~ 至少对我来说是如此的~

呵呵。。你也知道还有很重要的照片我没有放出来噢~~ 哈哈哈~~~

levin said...


cassiopeia said...

daiji~~~ i have no plan on it la.. is jus a rush, when im on the way i was also asking myself, i havent tell you about this!! hahaha nvm i really need to have a time chit chat with you and mandy!!!