A day out with PP!!

It have been quite a long time
PP and me din't hang out..
few dasy back.. both of us went out!!
we go for jogging~ with FLUFFY!!! ^^
isn't cute???
me and fluffy!
1 month din't see him.. it had been growing bigger !!
and active though!! hehe

after 1 round jogging.. my foot hurt ~~
so we decided to have a donut!!! yummy !!!!
pp and fluffy

pp with donuts!!!
fluffy on the chair
I need a healty life!~ thus, i need to jog more !!! ^^


beh said...

fluffy is so big now...i was shocked...XD..not longer a little cute fluffy anymore..

Priscillia said...

He is still growing and become very very active...haha

sheryl said...

when can i go out v u all @@

cassiopeia said...

hahahha beh, it is extreamly big~
pp he is hyper~
cy~ come back then we go out together