Recently, my problem had become more serious.
nervous all the time, since the first week of class started, this kind of feeling keep on following me, what the hell is happening to me now.
I am still can't able to handle my personal problem towards assignments and due dates.
It is a big problem to me, I have had come across it!
why am i still acting in this way.
why the stressness can't just leave me ?
why the nervous and worried feeling can't just run out from my body?

Im keep asking my self to calm, to face it.
nothing i can do but just do what is having with me right now.
It is horrible nightmare though.

this is life, why am I still don't take it easy?
please let me go.
don't touture me like this,
I have no appetitle to eat, when i get up every morning,
my heartbeat is so damn fast.
I don't even know why am i so scare of?
may be this is my emotional handling problem?
or my mantal problem?
I hate myself so much for now!
disapointed on myself,
I thought I've come across this,
but when i have my assingnment due dates on hand,
I know Im still like who I am.

I am totally unbalance!