My Dream, My work

My First event: 1 Nation 1 voice concert'10
location: Dataran Pahlawan Melacca
date: 27th Feb 2010
This is the first time i work in backstage for a show, a concert.
I was overnight in YinXie house the day before we heading to Melacca, because the company van will pick up everyone in PJ area.
26th Feb, friday night i went to YinXie house.
27th Feb work up at 6am. preparing early in the morning, as we had been told, we have to gather in a place at 7am? (well well, forgive me, i can't really remember the time right now.^^)
after gathered, the uncle is going to pick another colluege up. After that, we need to go back to office, and bring all the "equipments" which we have to use during the concert.
Officially heading to Melacca~~~~
we all sleep in the van, need to save energy for the entire day
arrive at melacca around 9am?
YinXie and me was "moving" those "equitment" from van to the feild.
as we arrive, the operation room have nothing, artise and performer room have nothing
atually it is not a room but it is a kenopi ^^
this is my first time, so i have idea how to set up all the things,
but our guidance, she is leading us how to set up.
we need to set up the tables, chairs, mirror, put the table cloths, set up the kenopi for people to use, prepare those thing which needed to use such as tissue and etc..
later on when we have already setted up, the next thing to do is "shopping"
yes ! we have shopping trip there, all the morning!
buy mineral, dusbin and so on.. a lot more!!!!
is a long way for us to brag the stuff back to the feild!!! ^^ but i have fun!
after all, time to sembayang!
set up table for praying section.
concert rehersal was started once the artise arrived.
we are starting to prepare the tags which haven't finsih T.T
skip all details details.. going to searching ice cube all the way in Melacca, searching for strings>.<>
concert started.
8pm crowd started
9pm officially started??
along the way, we need to look after the operation kenopi
started to packing, until almost 12am.
concert end, started to pack again.
2am finish packing,
chit chat with all the crew...
then heading back to KL
arrive 5am morning in our office, move all the "equipments" down
I went to YinXie house again, going back home only on sunday morning,
it is tiring, seriously tired, work 24hours,

At the end, learn alot, gain alot,

even we are tired, but it worth it!

Happy to know all my Colleagues!

love you all!! MUACKSSSS

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