new sem started!

today my new sem officially started.
the first lecture for me was advertising.
the lecturer which is familiar, who teaching me MKA last semester.
at the moment, i feel stable.
i hope everything will continue going on smoothly when the time pass.

feeling less something in my heart, because ms leehee leave to adelaide for this sem onwards.
she help me alot when she was here, im always depending on her, she will help me out for everything when im facing problem.
and now, she leave me alone here...
i miss her alot~~ ^^
leehee~~~ hope you are alright there! i know u are enjoy there right now!

we moved to the lakeside campus in puchong,...
facing alot of problems
no car park, the download speed was slow,
the food is expensive, it is very hot..
what else can i complaint?
hahaha.. at the moment, this is what i experince for today.
hope it will be improve as the time pass.

i get information from my firend that PR assignment is hard to score
well well.. im worry about it now.
but i know if i worried now it doesn't help me to solve my problem though.
so, keep my motivation up until the end of the sem,
do whatever i can, change my bad attitude and my bad behaviour in previous sem
so that i can "enjoy" my uni life,
if not, i guess i will be really jumping in to the lake...lol~

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