what should i do

my final exam is coming very soon
am i suppost to start my revision?
but i can't focus on what i should do now..
anyone can help me on it?
if i don't start , i will not have enough time to prepare for it!
i must start now no matter what

clear my mind please~~
god~~ help me T.T
i am not feeling well today
wake up at 7.30am! what is this !!
autometically wake up, becuase of not feeling well
i went down stairs and drink some water and go back to bed..

yeeni mom was coming to my house around 9smtg,
i wake up and meet her with my mom.
after a while, i should start to study
but end up what im doing is nothing
i keep drinking water...
4pm i was so damn sleepy, or should i say i cant open my eyes,
and the whole body is tired ..
then i take a nap for 1 hour
when i wake up , feel much more better...

huhuhuhu~~ i don't want to get sick right now !
i can't !!!!
alright finish talking here...

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