tired~ T^T ..3 more 3 more

today first subject over~~~
huhu~~ but im still feeling heavy heavy + heavy~~~ T.T

want to pass these days faster ~~
as faster as it can ....
my daddy waiting for me~~~~

tired man~~
just now i finished at 7.05pm, when i came out from exam hall
it is already dark..
and raining somore...
when i drive back home~~
it is really hard to look at the road infront of me ...

well.. wish me good luck in the next 3 subjects~~~
fighting fighting~~~~
everything will be over,
this is the stage i must come over it~
so... fighting~~~
butn im tired now ~~~~
brain workless~~~....hahahaha

one more thing~~ JUNSU ya~~~ oppa chi gem o di ye yo??

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