first of all, will stated here, i will be leaving this blog for a while,

im leaving tomorrow...
just finished exam, but still.. can't release myself

T.T feel stress... lazy to express by words now~
i have no such a mood now...

hope everything will be fine..

scedule coming up,
will be in china,
mayb travel other places.

want to gain weight,
want to have a normal routine of my life.
want to recover my body..
im too weak nowT.T
a special day.
it have been 2 years
until now, many things happen
i guess most of you who are there in 24.11.07
will know what happen right
i miss it! very much
im still want the 3rd!
im not giving up.. coz im unbalance on this 3rd!
24.11.09 3 travel japan
where is the other 2?
what happen?
i have not enough brain space to think now
just let them be
im keeping the faith, how about the person who ask us to do so?
**Always Keep The Faith**

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