early of september, time pass really fast!
is already middle of my sem....
im waiting for 1 week holiday on 21th september
this sem is heavy .. a lot of works to do..
even though im squezzing out my time for dramas but still very stress
the work will not finish.. day by day, week by week.. need to be prepare before go into class
my shoulder is painful now! this will always happen when i have alot of works on hand >.<
aikssss...getting older???? don't!!! T.T

just now chatting with my friend, sounds the "war" is coming again
the same thing, preparing and preparing, preparation work will be done,
everything will be ok i guess, because of experience , we learn from it right!
but, what will happen after preparation?
again.. we need to get our heart ready..
ready for what?
ready for "bang" wall.. or ready for accept the fact

i did ask the god why.
but yet i din't get any answer
now, restart again
but the "restart" will be like what? another year will be used to do it?
affraid of what happen last time...
but if affraid and refuse to do it again, then we will never know...
face so many things before, still trying on it...are we stupid?
aiksss... don't want to think about it now..
i need to complete my sem faster ! despreate for holiday!!!!

the boys 2nd trial will be heard on 11th september
hopefully everything will be alright~

**Always Keep The Faith**

~ im tired!!!!! T.T~~~

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Priscillia said...

Don't forget our outing on 21st=)
Cheer up.