this few weeks

can't sleep well...
but i eat a lot!!!!

doing brunch of works...
whatelse can discribe me????

T.T ( this face !!)

calling for help!!!!!! anyone can rescuse me?

this, keep telling myself..
is ok, no matter how stress , how many work to do IS OK !!!!!
next week will be holiday!!!
so... angelyna !! tahan yea!!!!!! tahan until the end!!!!
even tough don't know how to express,
and feel wanna boom out!!
this sem, i realise , i have no going out for window shopping ..
i just went to watch movie for 1 time, shop for 1 time ?
i think so..
because my course for this sem is pack with work
now i can feel the different of sem 4

sem 4 is difficult!!
hard to survive...
if this week doesn't haven assignment to due,
then this week will have test ,
and next week will have assignment to due, so this week i will not free also..
the assignments is continuously cooming forward, even though i prepared early but another will come and knock my door
so.....im going to crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i remember last week i was preparing MKA assignment for presentation,
and doing BIS assignment .. these are all for this week,
then this week, i am crazy doing next week presentation !!!! and i have 2 tests!!!!
the presentation is hard and heavy, fist time nervous for a presentation..
my preparation is done? but need to do elaboration and bcoz this presentation carry a lot of marks!!! the 2 tests .. i haven't touch yet!! omg!!! how how how!!!!!!!!
well.. i still able to watch tv everyday!!!~~~~~ aiyo... people need to release ma... if not.. you will see me in tanjung rambutan !!!!

alright , let me shout here... if not i cant release!!!!!!
after next week,,,,
it is my lovely holiday!!!

im despreate for my holiday
even thoug the holiday eve is night mare
even though after holiday there is also my night mare~~~
arhhhhhh~~~~ just let me break abit~~~~
SEM4... i beg ..... please let me pass this sem save and sound~~~~~~~

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sheepu's world said...

LOL...u must tahan it..now u r only studying not working
u still got long long way to go~~