DAOREA night!!!!다는..해피!!!

우리 동방신기 !!!!!
haha ...happy again...yesterday we having a small gahtering in Daorea!!! the korean restaurent that TVXQ wne there before well, i was also bring my sister along !!!
the shop are really full with TVXQ stuff and this is my 2nd time to be there!!but still exciting!!!!haha ...ㅎㅎㅎㅎ!!
around 8.30pm i reach there and before that we had already book the 'VIP' room which TVXQ sit and eat there before!!!^^ah~~~~
im the 1st who each there ...the others friends reach there abit late..once i reach there ,the restaurent is playing TVXQ songs !!!haha^^happying~~
i walk in and out from the room!! because want to take pictures of TVXQ poster where almost the whole shop hanging!!
now ..this is the posters which are all in the vip room!!동방신기~멋있다!!

now this is all the pictures i take with TVXQ psoter!!!(well ..im already crazy)
haha my Husband!!!!영웅재중!!!

here !!!my husband 재중오빠 & 유천오빠!!!진짜멋있다!!

now,my sister with yunho & junsu -동생&유노윤호오빠,시아준수오빠~~

my sister with chagmin's poster! 동생&최강창민

저는!!!& 윤호오빠,준수오빠~~(me with,yunho,junsu poster~)

haha~~is that 'charisma' xiah?ㅋㅋ,시아준수오빠,charisma에요?/귀엽다?

sexy micky yoochun !!아~~~~믹키유천오빠~~~

그겄은 동방신기signature!!!!!하지만 유천오빠did not sign~~~55~~changmin oppa not in the picture also~~

here are the pictures on the wall ...(not in the VIP room but along the stair)

now...everyone !!!! eat!!!!!먹어~~~~ㅋㅋㅋㅋ,맛있다!!!!!


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eStHeR89 said...

szu szian's face so damn yong sui lo...hahaha...