I need TIME!!!!! GIVE ME PLZ

run out of time now!!
24 hours not enough for me!!!!==
who can donat time for me?

why assignments are always around me ????
(my coursemates as well)

well, what can we do ?
just have to follow up ..and do what we should do now...
haha ^^"
evernone !!! RELAX~~

haha will go out with SHARON and MICHELLE afterwards~~ now im waitting for them to finish lecture.... sob*sob*ss
ah... more pictures will be uploaded here...im lazy to so ^^
hehe now the time want to talk about my love TVXQ!!~~~
HERE i posting up TVXQ up comming CDS and singles
6月 日本第18首单曲预售「you're mine'」


7月 韩国第一最好的专集预售 「영심이」(永心-永不改变的你)



8月 休息期-参加各种韩,中,日以及亚洲的大型演唱会,公演等

9月 韩国第4张正规专集预售「4ever with 'TVXQ'」

korean original schedule

06월 일본18th싱글발매 「you're mine'」

- 유천의 자작곡 / 악수회 쿠폰 수록

07월 한국1st베스트앨범발매 「영심이」(永心이_영원히변치않을너)

- 지금까지 한국/일본에서의 발매앨범 전곡 수록 (CD4장)

/ 데뷔 이후~ 한·일 활동 영상 DVD (DVD4장)

08월 휴식기_ 각종 한·중·일 외 아시아 대형 콘서트/공연 등은 참여

09월 한국4th정규앨범발매 「4ever with 'TVXQ'」

- 유천의 자작곡 / 준수,재중,창민의 솔로곡 / 윤호의 '미니 드라마' 수록
well I don't know is it true or not but...just post for fun!!!!
haha wanna post more out of topic things !!~~~
my husband!!!! CUTIE JAEJOONG



^^ finish sharing photos~

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