my ....

now its the time,
but i don't know right or wrong
i don't know what will happen next
i have no idea

now i don't even dare to dream anymore..
when you start thinking, means you are expecting
when you are expecting meaning something will not goes as you wish to
i alread yexperience so many times
timing not coming yet,
everything is not right yet
even if u are in the same building
if the god do not let you see each other
then it will not gonna happen
i don't want to spoil anything
i just want to do what i did as usual
do not purposely...
i know i will tear drops no matter what
just let it be ..

i will be waiting that day to comes towards me
waiting for so many years
still waiting...

just follow the flow then the flow is here...
flowing to where i should be...
fighting me!!!!

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