after all

i just realize
after 2 years,
we are still standing at the same spot

i just realize
after all we are still can't do much
we are still at this way, walking the same path

what experience
what relationships
are all useless now
i cant feel i can do much and better than last time

coz we still unable to success...
im still the stupid one among all of them
im still not able to do what i want to

i thought im able to reach the point after 2 years..
i thought the timing is still not coming yet
i thought i have no luck to meet you and all
but still its because we have no $$
and no $$ no talk

the business world is so realistic
after all..
if you rich, you can be the king
if you rich , you can do whatever you want
if you rich, you do not need to beg anyone fore helping you
if you rich, you do not have to see others people's face expression before you walk a step further

after all this is what i learn
everything start with an IF and RICH!

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sheepu's world said...

my dear
wish ur dream come true~~i always believe that u can do it coz u like it very very much
happy always~~^^