what i want?

im having my short term break right now.
but im not in a good condition
after the last subject of my final exam.i did free for 1 week
but after that, i couldn't sleep well..
every night was insomia-ing
driving me crazy seriously
and result is still not ready yet..
need to wait for few more days

after all, im worrying my life after graduate
i was can't wait to graduate last year, and begining of this year,
yes, i did, i found my target, i have in my mind what i should do
since when im very proud of myself,
because i know what i want, and i get what i want to try
but, it doesn't last long,
what am i suppose to do, what am i suppose to be after graduate?
i have no idea on it
im lost
i know i couldn't be like this
i need to continue with my dream
but the dream is far for me to reach
i thought after internship i know what i need the most
yes, i did, and i really know about my direction to move on
but it is not convinient to me now

may be, i need to work as normal people for 1 year?
but during this one year i need to learn what i wish..
to improve myself, and move on with my dream after one year?
yes this sounds good right?
and it is the only way for me to move on,
alright, i will do it in this way!

again, i miss them ^^ you should know who are they! haha

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