missing you

working life is still ok for me..
nothing much,
at the moment, what did i learn?
i don't really know,
i hope i can do until the whole project end,
at least my letter after this will be having a whole project following and done.

i officially finished the tokyo dome dvd disc 1 and disc 2
i regret, why im not one of the cassi who support them since they debut
i regreat why im not attending the rising sun concert,
until now, i regret everything.

my boys, please stand up, be strong to hold TVXQ name.
now you are not only represented your "management company"
but Korea, and Asia.
now, you are 5 of you, no one can control over you
yes , is true, and everyone know this ~

I will stand here, stand at the place that where i standing originally.
wake me up when im lost.
clear me by telling me, 'stand by you'- stand by their side forever.

I am keeping the Faith

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