[22.08.08]---One of the actor from "coffee prince" pass away

this morning when i read the entertainment news paper..
saw a very very shock news

one of the actor for 'coffee prince' died!!! --李言

its really a shock news, Ee yun is his name.
he is jus a 27 guy.
and unforturnetely get in an accident yesterday...

im sad when reading this..it is too sudden..

it manke me think with my TVXQ oppas
i want them always in good condition...

TVXQ oppas....please drive carefully....
please stay in a good situation everyday...

i want to see You all live in healthy situation!!!!
eventhough im just screaming as loud as i can here,
i know you all can't listen it, but
still have to pray hard to move on

to all my friends and family members



chu zhi won-

all 'coffee prince' actors

eun hyue--

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